How Pricing on Asset Layer Works

Asset Layer uses a tiered, usage based pricing model. Usage is measured using a credit system. Each API action, whether accessed through the SDK, API, or Asset Layer App, has an associated credit cost. Each tier comes with an allotment of pre-paid credits which renew monthly. You can view your credit usage in the billing section of your team settings.

If you use more than your allotment of pre-paid credits in a billing period, then you are charged an overage fee based on your tier. If you are on the free tier, once you use up your allotment of free credits, you will not be able to make additional API calls until you sign up for a paid tier.

Billing is done at the team level. API usage across all of a teams apps is used to determine the credit usage for a team.

Pricing Tiers

Free Tier: 1,500,000 credits

Paid tiers: Please contact to receive a special offer to upgrade to a paid tier. Self serve option coming soon!

Marketplace Fees

In addition to the SaaS fees, Asset Layer charges a 2.5% marketplace fee for real-money transactions performed through the Asset Layer API.

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