Manage Slots

Don't know what slots are? Make sure you read through the slots page of the core concepts section before proceeding, Slots.

Manage Slots Menu

The "Manage Slots" menu allows you to add, remove and modify slots that are being used by your app. From this screen you'll see a list of the slots that your app currently has access to.

Create a New Slot

To create a new slot, first click the "Create a new Slot for your app" button on the "Manage Slots" page. Your first step will look like this.

You will need to give your slot a name. If you are just testing things out, this name can be anything. You can edit it in the future. If this is a slot for your app, then give it a name based on the function of the assets you'll be creating in this slot. For example, if your app has weapons, you can create a slot called weapons. Optionally, you can add a description and thumbnail. You'll also have a few choices for permission settings for your slot. You will be able to edit these later.

Your next step will be to define expressions for your slot. Every slot comes with a Menu View expression by default. This cannot be removed. You may add additional expressions by clicking "Add Expression +". You may name the expression, select the expression type, and choose whether this is a mandatory expression for third party submissions. You can also add a description to help creators better understand the requirements of the expression. You will be able to add, remove, and edit expressions for your slot in the future.

To learn more about expressions, check out Expressions

Slot Details

Clicking on the details button will allow you to change anything that you had an opportunity to define in the creation step. This includes adding, removing, and editing expressions.

Manage Foreign Slots

You may add slots from other apps that have granted your app at least read-only permission. In order to add slots from these apps, start by clicking the "Manage Foreign Slots" button. This will bring you to a menu where you can select from the apps that have granted your app permissions. This will bring you to a menu like what is pictured below.

Here, you can select the checkbox for each of the foreign slots you want to add to your app.

To request permission from other apps, you can press the "Request Slot Permissions" button from the "Manage Slots" page, or go directly to the "Manage Permissions" page.

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