Create a new collection based on specifications


export type CreateCollectionProps = {
    collectionName: string; // a name for new collection (editable)
    slotId: string; // the slot the new collection will be a part of
    type: CollectionType; // 'Unique' or 'Identical'
    maximum: number; // maximum number of assets in the collection
    description?: string; // a description for the new collection (editable)
    tags?: string[]; // up to 5 tags, used for search (editable)
    royaltyRecipient?: string; // userId for the royalty recipient (editable)
    collectionImage?: string; // b64 data of collection image (editable)
    collectionBanner?: string; // b64 data of collection banner (editable)
    properties?: BasicAnyObject; // JSON of collection properties (editable)
    walletUserId?: string; // walletId if creator is an app-owned wallet


const collectionId = await assetlayer.collections.createCollection({
    collectionName: 'collectionName',
    slotId: 'slotId',
    type: 'Identical',
    maximum: 1000,
    description: 'description',
    tags: ['tag_1', 'tag_2'],
    royaltyRecipient: 'royaltyRecipientUserId',
    collectionImage: 'b64 data',
    collectionBanner: 'b64 data',
    properties: {},
    walletUserId?: 'walletUserId',

Return Types

type ReturnType = string;

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