Quick Start for Unity

Asset Layer provides additional support for Unity-based games and apps through our Unity integration. Whether you are starting a brand new game, or seeking to integrate Asset Layer into an existing project, follow this guide to set up your Unity app with Asset Layer and start building.

Unity App Setup

To start, follow our setup guide. This will walk you through installing the Asset Layer package into your Unity project, creating your project's Asset Layer app, and then linking your Asset Layer app to your Unity project.

Unity App Setup

Asset Layer Unity Package

The Asset Layer Unity Package provides Unity devs with a host of resources to add easily integrate Asset Layer into their Unity project to access powerful features quickly. This guide will walk you through creating assets through Unity, integrating those assets into your game scenes, user login, handling inventories, managing player prefs, and how to keep all of the Unity project accessing your app's assets in sync.

Asset Layer Unity SDK

Create Assets in Unity

Are you an artist or developer looking to create Asset Layer assets in Unity? Check out our guide for how to use Unity to create new Asset Layer collections for your app and third party apps.

Create Assets in Unity


Interested in creating your own custom Asset Layer logic inside of your Unity project? Our C# SDK makes using all of the features Asset Layer provides simple. Check out this documentation to see what's possible.

C# SDK for Unity

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