Manage Currencies

Manage Currencies

On the "Manage Currencies" page, you can view your app's currencies, create new currencies, add existing currencies to your app, and select which currencies are marketplace compatible.

Your in-app currencies are the currencies created by your app, or added to your app from other apps (coming soon!). The real money currencies are global currencies that can be added to any app. These are characterized by their real money value. Right now, we are supporting the cryptocurrency BSV. If you want to use a different cryptocurrency for your app in the marketplace, please let use know. We will also be adding non-crypto real money currency options soon. You can deactivate a currency by un-checking the "Active?" checkbox. By checking the "Accepted In Marketplace?" checkbox, you are enabling users to create listings for assets in your app using the selected currency.

Create a New Currency

To create a new currency for your app, click the "Create a new Currency for your App" button. This will bring you to a page where you can enter your new currency name, choose a 3 character code to represent your currency, and provide an icon to represent your currency.

Currency Details

Selecting the "Currency Details" button will bring you to a page where you can see your Currency ID, Currency Code, Currenty Status, Total Issuances, and Unique Owners.

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