Manage Collections

Browse collections

When you land on the "Manage Collections" page, you'll immediately be able to browse your app's collections.

You can filter your collections by slot, search using the search bar, or sort your collections based on various criteria. You can also toggle between list view and image view [Should this be grid view]?

Create a New Collection

To learn how to create a new collection for your app, check out this guide Create Assets Without Code

Collection Details

Selecting the details button for a collection will bring you to the collection details page. Here, you can view more collection information, mint additional assets from your collection, and view and edit your collection images and expression values. You can also browse individual assets from your collection and view their properties and expression values.


In the General section, you can view additional information about your collection such as the apps and slots your collection is compatible with, information about the collection creator, and other details. To mint more assets from this collection, click the "Mint More +" button. This will mint addition assets to the user account that you used to log into the Asset Layer Creator Tool.

To view a specific asset in your collection, enter their serial number in the textfield that reads "Serial Number...". This will allow you to view the different expressions for that asset as well as the asset's properties.

Collection Images

You can view and edit your collection images in the "Collection Images" tab. Here, you can reset your collection image. The collection image is used to represent your collection in the marketplace and inventory manager. It should be a 500x500 image. By selecting "Use Menu Expression", the Menu View Expression value of the asset in your collection with serial number 0 will be used as the collection image.

The Collection Banner is used as a banner image for your collection in the marketplace and inventory manager. Selecting "Use Default Banner" will use the default, blue banner that is the default for new Asset Layer collections


The "Expressions" tab can be used to view a collections expressions and expression values. The Slot Expressions show the expressions from the slot that the collection is a part of. The Collection Expressions shows the expression values for the asset with serial #0. You can upload new expression values by selecting the edit button. You can view expressions in the preview window.

Asset Layer empowers apps to open their ecosystems to 3rd party creators who can submit collections to be included in your app. As an app owner, you'll have complete control to allow or deny any collections submitted. This guide will walk you through the process of enabling collection submissions and managing collection proposals from other creators.

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