Sample App

Please Note: Sample App is being updated to take advantage of the new Asset Layer features such as the NPM SDK.

Sample app is an open-source Next.js app that makes it extremely easy to deploy a working app with all of your application's Asset Layer assets, even if you aren't a developer! And, if you are a developer, you can use Sample App as a starting point and add your own functionality.

Today, Sample App includes a home page, an explorer, and an inventory manager. Soon, we will be adding a marketplace and storefront so your users can begin buying and selling assets from your app on your own website immediately. Learn more about these in the Sample App pages section.

Sample App comes out of the box with integrations for the Asset Layer API. All you have to do is add your app Id and app secret, and then deploy your app using a service like Netlify or Vercel. No code or servers needed!

This documentation will get you started on using the Sample App, customizing it, making it work for your use case, and deploying it.

You can check out a deployment of Sample App here, Sample App.

The source code for this app can be accessed on GitHub here Sample App Source Code.

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