Currencies can be used by games and apps to track things like in-game currencies, credits, loyalty points, or game resources like wood or gold. They are issued in units, where units are interchangeable with one another. Apps can issue new units to users, initiate transfers, and allow certain currencies to be used in the marketplace.

Currency Data Model

  • currencyId: a UUID for the currency

  • currencyCode: a 3-digit code for the currency that must be unique to the issuing app

  • appId: the appId for the app that issued the currency

  • name: a name for the currency

  • totalIssued: the total number of units of the currency that have been issued

  • owners: the number of unique users with a balance of the currency

Example App Data

"currencyId": "64c1bd5decf611a7302b92a0",
"name": "Test Currency",
"currencyCode": "MEG",
"totalIssued": 80,
"owners": 2

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