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What is Asset Layer?

Asset Layer is a backend solution that makes it simple to

  • Create digital assets and integrate them into games and apps

  • Manage users' digital asset inventories

  • Create Peer-to-Peer marketplaces

  • Share assets cross applications to achieve interoperability

  • Enable UGC and third parties to create new digital asset content for your game

  • Add game-changing creator economies to your games and apps!

Asset Layer is for developers, creators, and application users. Whether you are a developer creating a new game, an artist looking to create digital goods for a game you love, an established game looking to add new features, or a player looking for an exciting new experience, Asset Layer is for you!

Why Asset Layer?

We are passionate about the transformative capabilities of creator economies and application interoperability for gaming. Not only can these accelerate user acquisition, improve retention, and increase monetization rates, but we believe that creator-driven games will play an outsized role in the future of gaming due to their ability to produce endless, fresh content.

Our easy-to-use API, no-code tools, and integrations make it simpler and more affordable than ever before to open up your game to creators. We help you create manage the assets in your game, allow users to bring their assets from title to title, and make it simple for creators to get involved by contributing new digital asset and application content to your gaming ecosystem.

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