My Assets

The My Assets page is used to manage any assets owned by your account including those you have minted. On this page, you can choose to list an asset in the marketplace or send it to a friend.

Any assets you own can be found within the Asset Layer My Assets Page (accessible via the icon in the top right). This includes assets you receive from other apps, as well as any assets you mint yourself.

Navigating to My Assets will display a page showing all of the apps from which you own assets, as well as the number of collections from which you own at least one asset.

You'll also notice the ability to navigate between different tabs - My Assets, My Listings and My History. My Assets will display any assets you own. My Listings will show you any assets you've listed in the Marketplace while My History will display all of the transactions you've made in the marketplace.

After selecting an app from the first screen, you'll be able to see all of the slots from which you own at least one asset. For example, if I'm in the Duro Dog app, I'll be able to see the 4 slots that Duro Dogs supports because I own at least one asset from each slot.

Once you've selected a slot, you'll be able to see all of that slot's collections from which you own at least one asset. In the example below, I've selected the Glasses slot.

Once you have selected a collection, you'll be able to view all of the assets that you own within that collection. From here, you can select any individual asset to view more information about that asset , including both the properties of that asset and any expressions it supports.

Below is an example where the Yellow Sunglasses #67 has been selected.

From the details page, you can choose to Sending Assets as a Gift or Listing Assets for Saleusing the buttons above the expression display.

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