Sync Your Assets

Asset Layer offers easy ways to update your assets as well as get your Asset Layer Assets into a fresh project.

Push All Changes To Asset Layer

After creating a new collection (see Create Assets in Unity) the prefab is stored in Assets/AssetLayerUnitySDK/AppAssets, with a reference saved locally in a scriptable object at Assets/AssetLayerUnitySDK/ScriptableObjects/AssetBundleDatabase.

By clicking the 'Push All Changes to Asset Layer' button in the Asset Layer Unity Editor Menu (under Update), all assets listed in the AssetBundleDatabase are checked for updates. If changes are found, the 'Upload Expression Assets' process is triggered for each asset. This feature allows for bulk updating of assets within the Assets/AssetLayerUnitySDK/AppAssets folder, streamlining the update process with a single click and saving considerable time.

Download Required Slot Scripts

Scripts are uploaded separately to Asset Layer during collection creation and are not included in Asset Bundles. To download all required scripts for your app's slots, navigate to the Asset Layer Editor Menu under Assets -> Asset Layer -> Sync -> Download Required Slot Scripts. This ensures your build supports the full functionality of all assets created for your collections. Be aware that downloading scripts submitted by third parties or for foreign slots means you might download scripts you did not author. Ensure you trust these scripts before use. Downloaded scripts are stored in Assets/AssetLayerUnitySDK/Scripts/RequiredSlotScripts.

Download Packages for All Collections

Each collection creation in Unity is accompanied by a Unity Package, allowing you to synchronize your Unity editor project with all assets from all collections created for your app. To download these packages, go to Asset Layer Unity Editor Menu -> Sync -> Download Packages for All Collections. The packages will be saved to Assets/AssetLayerUnitySDK/UnityPackages.

Import Packages for all Collections

After downloading the Unity Packages, you have two options for extraction: you can manually click on each package to extract them one by one, or you can utilize the convenience function located in the Asset Layer Unity Editor Menu under Assets -> Asset Layer -> Sync -> Import Packages for all Collections to extract all packages automatically.

Please note that the assets within these packages will retain the file structure from their original projects. To maintain a clean folder structure in your Unity project, it's beneficial to organize all related assets for a prefab into a single folder before converting it into an Asset Layer Asset. This organization aids in preserving an orderly structure when importing them via Unity Packages.

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