Quick Start for Developers

Core Concepts

If you still haven't checked out our core concepts, we suggest you start here.

pageCore Concepts

App setup

In order to start using the API and SDK, you'll need to create an app. Check out this guide on how to setup your app in order to start using Asset Layer.

pageApp Setup

SDK setup

Once you've set up your app, the best way to start testing Asset Layer is using our NPM JavaScript SDK. To get started using our SDK, check out the SDK setup guide.


API docs

Interested in using our JSON-based REST API? Check out our API docs and guide to testing the API with Postman.

pageAPI Docs

Sample App

Looking to launch your app quickly? A great way to do so is to use the Asset Layer Sample App as a starting point. To get started with Sample App, check out this guide.

pageSample App

Unity Integration

Are you a Unity developer? Interested in using our Unity Integration and C# SDK? Check out this Quick Start for Unity guide to get started.

pageQuick Start for Unity

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