Default Pages

Sample App comes with a number of out of the box pages. These pages are designed to work no matter what assets your app is using. As long as you've configured Sample App correctly, these pages will auto-populate with all of the relevant content for your Asset Layer app. Of course, you are welcome to remove, alter, or add pages as needed.


The home page displays your app's name, description, and image. These can be edited in the Asset Layer dashboard. It includes a login button which will authenticate users for your app.


The explorer provides an interface to view all of the assets in your application. Users will be able to explore assets by slot, collection, and examining individual asset details. In the asset details section, users can see an asset's current properties and expression values. This page makes use of our DisplayAsset react component which makes it easy to access any of an asset's expression values for any supported expression type.

My Assets (Inventory)

My Assets is an inventory explorer which allows users to view the assets they own from your app. These assets are organized in the same fashion as the asset explorer and also includes an asset details section using our DisplayAsset component.


The play page is available in case you have a Unity WebGL game that uses assets from your app. You can host your WebGL game on this page. See Deploying Your Unity WebGL Game Through Sample Appfor details.

Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Sample App will come with a built in marketplace. This marketplace will contain all of the active listings from your app. It will also allow users to create new listings and manage their existing listings.

Store (Coming Soon)

Sample App will come with a store which can be used to sell assets directly from the app to users. The store will have built in support for credit card based payments ideal for creator economies.

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