Quick Start


Whether you are a creator or a developer, we recommend checking out our core concepts first. These will help set you up for success no matter what your goals are with Asset Layer.

Core Concepts


Building a new game? Want to integrate Asset Layer into an existing app? Just want to explore and see what Asset Layer is all about. Our Quick Start guide for developers will get you to "Hello World" in no time.

Quick Start for Developers


Are you an artist working on a team building a game on Asset Layer? Are you a creator seeking contribute content to an existing game you know and love? Our Quick Start guide for creators will show you how to create new assets, submit them to applications, and list them in the marketplace.

Quick Start for Creators

Building with Unity?

Are you a developer, artist, or team using Unity as your primary game engine? Check out our Quick Start guide for Unity to understand how to supercharge your Unity project using Asset Layer.

Quick Start for Unity

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