My Listings

The My Listing page allows you to find and review any assets that you currently have listed.

To navigate to the "My Listings" page, simply click the "My Listings" tab within the "My Assets" page.

Once on the My Listings page, you'll be able to see all listings that are currently active for your account, sorted by the collection that the listed asset belongs to.

Click on any collection to view the individual assets that are listed. You can also use the "Edit Multiple Listings" to change the list price of many assets at once, in the same fashion that you can list multiple assets at once (see Listing Assets for Sale for details).

When viewing any individual asset, you can click the "Edit Listing" button to pull up the listing sub menu.

This menu allows you to edit the list price for that asset, in the same fashion that you would when listing the asset in the first place.

You can also use the "Remove Listing" button to remove any active listing from the Marketplace.

Simply click the remove listing button to remove your listing from the marketplace. Doing so will return the asset to your "My Assets" page.

Please note that assets that are on the My Listings page will not appear under the My Assets tab until the listing has been removed.

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