Manage Permissions

What are App Permissions?

Permissions allow apps and creators to stay in control of how other apps use their NFTs. For more details about permissions, check out Auth + Permissions

Asset Layer uses the terms Inbound and Outbound to refer to the direction of a permission. Inbound Permissions

Inbound permissions are permissions your app has granted to other apps. Outbound Permissions

Outbound permissions are permissions your app has requested from other apps.

Manage Permissions

The "Manage Permissions" sub-menu allows you to manage the different apps that interact with your app. From here, you can request permissions from another app or review/remove permissions from apps that are reading/transferring from your app.

Submitting a Permission Request

Requesting permission from another app is simple. Simply click the "Request Permission for App" button next to outbound permissions to bring up a list of available apps.

Simply click the app you wish to request permissions from and fill out the resulting form. You can also search for apps based on their App ID to find any app that is not currently listed. Be sure to select either Read or Read and Transfer permissions based on your needs. You'll also have the oppurtunity to provide a reason for your request which helps the app owner understand why you want permssions for their application.

After submitting your request, you should see it as a pending request underneath the outbound permissions menu.

Once this permission has been accepted by the app owner, you're all set! Based on the permission request you should have read/transfer permission from the accepting app including access to foreign slots.

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