Listing Assets for Sale

Listing Assets

Listing any particular asset is extremely simple and easy! To start creating a listing, simply navigate to the asset you'd like to list and select the "List in Marketplace" button to pull up the listing menu.

The resulting menu allows you to select from the possible currencies you can use to list your asset and then input the price that you would like your asset to be listed for in the marketplace. You'll also see information regarding the fees you may have to pay on that particular sale as well as the return on the sale you'll receive if the asset is purchased. When you are satisfied with your listing price, select the "Confirm and Set Listing Time" button to move on to the next stage.

The next screen allows you to confirm the list price you've selected as well as choose a time that you'd like the listing to go live in the marketplace. This can be useful if you are marketing for a particular release time or want to delay a listing for later on. Alternatively you can select the List Asset Immediately checkbox if you'd like the listing to go live instantly.

If you wish to make edits to the listing, simply click on the My Listings tab within the "My Assets" page and navigate to the asset that you would like to change the listing for.

Please note that when you list an asset, you will no longer be able to find it within the "My Assets" tab. Instead, you will have to navigate to it within the "My Listings" tab.

Listing Multiple Assets at Once

Asset Layer also allows you to list multiple assets from the same collection at once. To do this, simply click on the "List Multiple Assets" button on the collection page.

Clicking this will bring up a submenu that allows you to select which assets from that collection you'd like to list as well as choose a currency set a listing price for asset being listed. You can use the apply price button and field to apply a price to all of the assets, or set the pricing for each asset on the individual level.

To the right of the list price, you're also able to see any fees that may occur on the sale of the NFT.

Once you are happy with the listing prices for each asset, you can click the "Confirm and Select List Time" button to review details and set a list time (just like you can with any individual listing).

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