The Unity expression type contains six expression attributes - five AssetBundle files and one UnityPackage file. The AssetBundle files are used to load the asset into Unity scenes at run time. Each of the five AssetBundle files is optimized for a specific platform - WebGL, iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. The UnityPackage is used to load the asset into the Unity editor for inspection and editing.

AssetBundle Details

In Unity, an AssetBundle is a collection of assets from your project that can be loaded at runtime. Almost any type of asset used in a Unity project can be included in an AssetBundle. This includes:

  1. 3D Models: All types of 3D models, including their meshes and textures.

  2. Textures and Materials: Images used for texturing objects, along with materials that define the surface appearance of 3D models.

  3. Animations: Character animations or any other type of animations.

  4. Audio Files: Sound effects, music, and any other audio assets.

  5. 2D Sprites: Including characters, backgrounds, UI elements, and any other 2D artwork.

  6. Scripts: While scripts themselves aren't directly included, compiled script objects used in the scene can be part of an AssetBundle.

  7. Prefabs: Pre-constructed game objects with their components and properties set up.

  8. Scenes: Entire Unity scenes can be packed into an AssetBundle.

  9. UI Elements: UI assets like sprites, fonts, and other elements used in canvas.

  10. Particle Effects: Custom particle systems and their associated assets.

  11. Shader and Text Assets: Custom shaders and text files, including JSON or XML data.

Asset Layer uses AssetBundles because they are particularly useful for managing and optimizing resource loading into a game, especially for large projects or games requiring dynamic content loading. They allow you to reduce the initial download size of your game by loading assets on demand rather than bundling everything with the main game package.

Expression Attributes

AssetBundleiOS: AssetBundle exported for iOS

AssetBundleAndroid: AssetBundle exported for Android

AssetBundleStandaloneWindows: AssetBundle exported for Windows

AssetBundleOSX: AssetBundle exported for OSX

AssetBundleWebGL: AssetBundle exported for WebGL

UnityPackage: Unity package file used to import the prefab and associated files into Unity Editor

Supported file types: .assetbundle .unitypackage

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